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About Dead TownEdit

Dead Town is a zombie survival game in which you survive a zombie-infested town with zombies crawling about as far as you can see. Your goal is to scavenge materials from what's left in this post apocalyptic world, and craft equipment to aid in the survival of the few remaining humans. Destroy zombies and create a base suitable for you to live in. Defeat many bosses and when you think you are ready, enter the sewers to challenge yourself even further, for its in the darkest places the strongest monsters reside in. You can buy items from the shop to get a headstart! And if you ever feel lonely, there is multiplayer mode, where you prevent the zombies from destroying your base, alongside a maximum of three other players.

Have fun playing the game and going through the wiki.

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Lemon Puppy Games is the creator of Dead Town. So far Lemon Pouppy Games have not been adding any recent updates.

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